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Don’t let the hat fool you I am only half well maybe 3/4 Cowboy, but my belt buckle was not bought at a store my horse and I won it. The sweat stains on the hat are from me, and I am as traditional as the western dream. I just like wearing Ralph Lauren shirts with my wrangler cowboy cut jeans. You see there is just a crazy side of me that likes art museums, Skiing, the ballet, and small amounts of classical music along with some U2 mixed on my playlist next to every George Strait album ever made.


 If am not on a horse I am taking pictures and if I have things my way I am on a horse in the middle of nowhere taking pictures.


I love light, I love being in the sunshine, the snow, the rain, and the light of a clear mountain night with the stars and moon showing the way.  I also love the studio as it flashes and I work to shape light to create beautiful things.


 I look for things that are beautiful, praiseworthy and of good report and I photograph those things. I find those things in my family, weddings, horses, people, animals, and the mountains; really just about anywhere God’s hand has touched.


I have two degrees on my wall one from The New York Institute of Photography and one from Colorado State University in Equine reproduction a strange assortment of education but it matches me. They also go along with my book collection that starts with “A tale of Two Cities” ends with “War and Peace” but includes the political writings of Plato, Glen Beck, intermingled with a collection of various religious writings from all kinds of faiths and spiced with poetry from Robert Frost, Emily Dickerson and Jewel.


I own a working horse ranch and a photography studio. I deeply love my family, friends and America. My hardwood floor beats to the patter of my Son and Daughter who bring the greatest smiles, joy, and love to my life.


In the end I am a man of faith and hope to be remembered as such. But you could just say I am a cowboy with a camera.

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