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Seeing the light that shines on something is powerful, understanding the light that shines from within is empowering. We approach your photography session with this as our foundation, to capture the light that shines from within, enhanced by the light drawn to you. That light shines in laughter, comfort, humor and kindness. Light shines in love, in an epic kiss on a south western desert mesa, mountain meadow, the quiet small place you first discovered you loved each other. 

When you hire a photographer you are not buying a picture, you are hiring us. So here we are….



Most days I am in a cowboy hat a Ralph Lauren T-Shirt and a pair of wrangler jeans, hopefully on a horse. On great days I am on a horse in the middle of nowhere  with my golden retriever, best friend and a camera. I have every George Strait album ever made and attend the ballet as often as possible. I have won the award of merit from the New York Institute of Photography, the best of Utah Photographers from weddings.com and been published in nature conservancy books. My greatest award has been watching my daughter show her horse, my son excel at academics and my clients win world championships on their horse. I love to laugh,  I love to be in love, most of all I love to capture it  through my lens.



I’m the happy and proud father of 6 beautiful daughters who lives and loves a life immersed in Dance, Dates, and Love, and I’m the 5 time Daddy Dance Off Champion for Drill Team competitions in Utah.  I Love to laugh, and am likely the king of dumb Dad Jokes, but they are always rooted in love for those around me.   I may get a little “misty” taking your pictures, when I see and get to feel the love you have as a couple, or celebrate what truly makes you happy.   I Love beautiful things and work hard to find or create beauty in everything around me.  I have made over 30 World Champion horses. I spend hours tending and nurturing my flower gardens to keep the world beautiful for my family and my neighbors.  Finding the beauty in everything I photograph brings me even more joy.

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